FMH Products

We offer stainless steel with refined finishes made of 100% metal and available in thousands of variants with different colours, gloss and surface textures.
Popular colours available include Silver, Gold (Brass-look), Rosy Gold (Copper-look), Bronze and Black. 

The materials we offer are suitable for both exterior and interior including wall cladding, ceilings, signs, doors, carousel doors, pillar cladding, corner protection, escalators, elevators, furniture, kitchen applications, bathroom applications, sockets, checkout counters, tunnel cladding, facade cladding, roofing, window coverings, perforated panels, shadow panels, applications for pools, fire-proof applications, public decoration etc.
For further information regarding the properties of the surfaces and suitable choices, you are welcome to contact us for consultation. 

Our materials are 100% recyclable and the products manufactured consist of 85% recycled materials. Through its good resistance, by choosing our materials, you can reduce operating and maintenance costs and at the same time minimize the impact on the environment. FMH Rimex stainless steel materials are registered with Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus.