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We offer stainless steel with refined finishes made of 100% metal and available in thousands of variants with different colours, gloss and surface textures. Popular colours available include Silver, Gold (Brass-look), Rosy Gold (Copper-look), Bronze and Black.

Our Materials

The materials we offer are suitable for both exterior and interior including wall cladding, ceilings, signs, doors, carousel doors, pillar cladding, corner protection, escalators, elevators, furniture, kitchen applications, bathroom applications, sockets, checkout counters, tunnel cladding, facade cladding, roofing, window coverings, perforated panels, shadow panels, applications for pools, fire-proof applications, public decoration etc. For further information regarding the properties of the surfaces and suitable choices, you are welcome to contact us for consultation.

Enviromental friendly & Sustainable

Our materials are 100% recyclable and the products manufactured consist of 80-92% recycled materials. Through its good resistance, by choosing our materials, you can reduce operating and maintenance costs and at the same time minimize the impact on the environment. FMH Rimex stainless steel materials are registered with Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus.


We can offer just over 20 variants of different embossed patterns manufactured by cold rolling various metals in sheet and coil format. The patterned product is then levelled and processed for flatness. Each of these embossments offers different aesthetics and function. The embossments can advantageously be combined with different colours and gloss. The various pattern embossments provide good protection against scratches and fingerprints. Some embossing can also facilitate the removal of stickers and labels. The embossed plates become stiffer and flatter than the corresponding plain plates, which means that in some cases you can reduce the thickness of the material, which means a cost and weight saving. Our embossed and coated coloured plates can be cut, bent, laser cut, punched, glued and riveted like any other stainless steel plates.


FMH CT – ColourTex® can be combined with the substrate finishes of mirror or satin polishes, GRANEX™ bead blast or with Rimex’s other product lines of Patterned or MetalArt™ finishes. ColourTex® is a sheet product available on stainless steel only. The colours produced under the ColourTex® process are: Black, Charcoal, Blue, Bronze, Cannon Bronze, Champagne, Gold och Rosy Gold.


The T22™ range of dynamic coloured products offers an extended set of options to the ColourTex® (INCO) coloured products. Unlike the living colour qualities of the ColourTex® range of products, the T22™ range, which are produced via a deposition process, offer a more solid coloured effect, commonly available off the shelf in core thicknesses, which has proven ideally suited to shopfitting, interior design and signage industries.


Rimex’s SuperMirror is as near a perfect polish that can be produced on stainless steel. SuperMirror is blemish free and has perfect reflective quality. The reflectivity of SuperMirror creates light and space and is easily fabricated. Unlike glass mirror, SuperMirror can be used in food preparation, ceiling and high pedestrian areas because it will not shatter. Rimex’s SuperMirror – higher quality than Mirror No. 7 – superior quality of mirror-polished stainless steel.


Most bead blast providers peen components rather than sheet material. By comparison because Rimex has extensive expertise in sheet raw material selection and handling alongside its abilities in metal finishing, the GRANEX™ finishes produced by Rimex are more reliably consistent and are of a superior quality to those offered by other producers.


Vortex® is a non directional polish, which brings to the fore the softer qualities of stainless steel in architectural design, through a diffusing effect at the material surface. The soft sheen resulting from the polishing process takes the specifier away from the historic and limiting contraints of the 240 silicon grit type flat polished steel products into new and exciting areas.

CernoTex™ AFP

We now offer CernoTex™ – a ceramic, nanocoated, anti-fingerprint film which greatly enhances the aesthetic quality of the product by significantly reducing the adhesion of fingerprints and markings on stainless steel sheets. It is also extremely easy to clean any dirt that does appear over time.


Closed for Summer holiday leave week 28-31 2024

Closed for Summer holiday leave week 28-31 2024

FMH Stainless will close the office during the summer holiday leave week 28-31 (8h of July – 2nd of August) and will return the 5th of August. In urgent matters during this period you can send an email to

Closed for Christmas Holiday leave 2023-2024

Closed for Christmas Holiday leave 2023-2024

Please notice that FMH Stainless is closed for Christmas holiday leave from Friday the 22nd of December until Friday the 5th of January 2024 and will return Monday the 8th of January 2024. In urgent matters during this period you can send an email...

Closed for Summer holiday leave week 28-31 2023

Closed for Summer holiday leave week 28-31 2023

FMH Stainless will close the office during the summer holiday leave week 28-31 (10th of July – 4th of August) and will return the 7th of August. In urgent matters during this period you can send an email to

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You are welcome to come and visit us in our showroom here in Gothenburg to see more of what we can add to your projects.

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We have a permanent exhibition in Studio B3’s material gallery in Stockholm, where we show a selection of the thousands of surface finishes we can offer for exterior and interior use.

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