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Beautiful sheet metals, resistant finishes – FMH Stainless is not just gray…

We can offer stainless steel of different grades of processed surface finishes such as pattern rolled, different gloss and with modified chromium oxide layer that provides a number of "metallic colors". These are created by the prism light interference without adding pigment or some organic binders. The product consists to 100% of the metal. We now also have stainless steel with Ti-treated surface that gives a harder and more wear resistant surface finish.

The FMH Rimex products that we offers are suitable, inter alia, that the roof and facade materials and other cladding such as elevators, billboards, pillars, bridges, fall protection, etc. This is because the finishes are completely resistant to weather and UV radiation. Provided that the environment is stable and you have chosen the right quality stainless steel has a coating that will last for many decades. That the material does not rust or gets covered with verdigris and does not react with food, which means that it is easy and hygienic. The material is easy to clean and keep clean from most forms of pollution and contamination, urine, glue / tape, graffiti, etc. without leaving traces on the right choice of cleaning.

Our materials are 100% recyclable. Stainless steel is one of the world's most recycled material. FMH Rimex products already consists of 75% recycled material. Through its good resistance can select our materials to minimize operating and maintenance costs while minimizing environmental impact. You can create the decor, accents, lighting, wall / ceiling linings, pillar cladding, interior and exterior which is strong, durable and lightweight. This without compromising on the high aesthetic values. Our Rimex surfaces, available in more than several thousand variants.

For more information about the properties of the surfaces and appropriate choice, you are welcome to contact us for consultation. Subject to availability, we can also assist with material samples to current projects and products in development.

FMH Rimex stainless materials are registered at Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus.