Vox Hotel, Jönköping

Architect Semrén & Månsson
Property Owner: Fastighets AB Eric Ekblad
Contractors who worked with FMH materials: interior and exterior Norrhammars Plåtslageri, interior Sibab interior  and Schindler hissar
FMH stainless steel sheet with the following finishes:
T22 Gold Mirror Plain, T22 Gold Mirror Pagoda,
T22 Gold Hairline Plain, CT Gold Satin Plain, Silver Super Mirror Plain and
Expanded Metal – Colour Stretch T22 Gold Mirror CS 2812-2510 and CS11544-23010.

The materials have been used as coverings for the particular car, elevator doors, fire doors, pillar cladding, steps in stairs, wall coverings, impact protection in corridors, baseboards, moldings, kick protection on the desktop, sills, bathroom furnishings, luggage racks, interior doors, false ceiling in the entrance, ceiling lifts, ventilation grilles on the facade, cladding, exterior entrance party and entrance portal, reception counter, breakfast bar, etc.