Purus floor drain strainers

Producer: Purus

FMH stainless steel with surface finish: Plain CT Gold Mirror, a surface finish with Gold-look, also available in T22 Gold Mirror in Gold brighter look. Plain CT Black Mirror, also available in T22 Black Mirror that gives a warmer tone black.

Purus has presently a selection of FMH Stainless surface finishes to their floor drain strainers. Contact Purus for more information. For Purus website.These sleek stainless steel surface finishes will not react with foods, gets covered with verdigris not, are hygienic and easy to maintain. Never needs to be polished – just cleaned with soap and water and / or with window cleaner or bathroom cleaning without grinding and polishing compounds.

As always, stainless steel material (all metals) should avoid products that contains chlorine.