Le Pain Français, Avenyn


Architect: Stylt Trampoli
FMH stainless steel finish with:
CT Bronze Vortex, Plain,
CT Bronze Satin, Plain,
CT Bronze Mirror, Plain,
CT Bronze Mirror, Quilted, 
CT Bronze Satin, Pagoda
CT Black Vortex Soft, Plain

The metal surfaces used are numerous bronze Rimex finishes of the following 6 types: Bronze Mirror, Bronze Satin, Bronze Satin Pagoda, Bronze Mirror Quilted, Bronze Vortex Soft and Black Vortex Soft.

All interior materials are of grade 304 stainless steel and exterior quality 316 grade stainless steel. The materials are inter alia at the following locations in and outside the premises: the entrance portals, stair case sides, cealing beeam cladding, floor divider cladding, interior baseboards, corner protection, sliding Party, folding walls and door elements, freight elevators, passenger elevator, bar desk top, bar desk mirror, cealing lamp frame, fireplace, etc.

Congratulations to Stylt Trampoli and Le Pain Francais to mention in the French newspaper L’Internaute who have listed the restaurant Le Pain Français on the Avenue as one of the world’s top 20 when it comes to interior design.