Knutpunkten, Helsingborg

Project: Renovation and extension of the ferry,
bus and train terminal hub in Helsingborg
Architecture Firm: Tengbom
Property owner: Wihlborgs
Contractor: NCC
Surface finishes: FMH 316 CT Bronze Satin Pagoda and FMH 316 BA CT Bronze Paladin
Eco-labeling: Miljöbyggnad Guld

Implementation of construction: Knutpunkten 2014-2015

We at FMH is pleased to be the supplier of the acid-proof and stainless steel façade material in Colourtex Bronze colors, different patterns rollings and gloss, Satin Bronze Pagoda and Bronze Paladin BA. The material is 100% recyclable, contains no pigments or organic binder and is 100% UV resistant. The customer chose the stainless steel with our finish because of its durability and appearance, and given the vulnerable environment of wind and saltwater on your doorstep, literally. Our FMH Rimex finishes are light and resistant material that will give the building character and good looks for many years with minimal maintenance. The only thing required is cleaning occasionally. The project includes five new floor built-on to the existing terminal, which is passed by 50,000 traveling by bus, train and ferry. Through the heavy use by travelers in the existing part of the building, the main contractor a large logistic challenge together with its partners and subcontractors to minimize and eliminate any disruptions during construction. This requires careful planning and prefabrication of modular elements to the extent possible so that construction on the site can go quickly and smoothly.