ColourStretch® is made from Rimex materials in stainless steel. It is available in many different mesh sizes, stretch and steps widths which then offers different light transmission and shadow. Through its various angles gives ColourStretch® another dimension to Colortex finishes, carrying a more vibrant look to clear-view network. ColourStretch© available in various mesh sizes, transparency and other variables.

ColourStretch® can be used in many different applications such as: roofing, facades, walls, wind breakers, sun protection, ventilation, protection, acoustic panels, fencing, fall protection, fittings, pillar cladding etc.
It can be combined with traditional Rimex plate in the same or a different color to the frames, signs, light reflectors and a decor, etc., and these works as well indoors as outdoors.

This provides a cost effective and economical way to create durable and aesthetic-transparent surfaces with "perforation" at very good prices.
- Environment friendly & Climate smart - 100% UV light resistant as well as weather proof
- Decades of durable and stylish surface finishes for interior and exterior use

Hopefully this can give you inspiration and help to select the appropriate version for your application.

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